Gift ideas for new retirees

Gift ideas for new retirees

Ask them what they want.

Stumped on what to give to the new retiree in your life?  Then take the time to ask and listen.  Ask the newly retired what they plan on doing with their newfound free time.  Then try to pick a gift that relates to what the new retiree plans to do in retirement.  The recipient is sure to think of your retirement gift as a thoughtful one.

Did your retiring friend say that he wishes to learn how to play golf?  Then pay for some of their golf lessons.  If the retiree already knows how to play golf, but just wants to spend more time practicing his swing in retirement, you can buy a nice new golf set for your retiring friend.

Lots of folks wish to travel and see the world in retirement.  If your retiring friend is one of these folks, then you should buy your friend a gift that they can use during their worldly travels.  You can buy for your friend a set of suitcases to make it easy for your friend to haul their stuff around while traveling the world.  If you have the means to really splurge, then you can even consider buying an airplane ticket for your friend.

Does your friend wish to watch birds during retirement?  Then a good pair of binoculars would be great for your friend.  That is assuming that they don’t already own a pair of their own.  So to be on the safe side, do give your friend a gift receipt.