Make a birthday tent

Make a birthday tent

It’s super easy—and it will help you make memories with your child, too.

During our weekly date night—which simply means staying in and watching a movie while our daughter sleeps—my husband and I made our soon-to-be seven-year-old daughter a homemade tent as one of her big presents.

We attached a twin sheet (previously purchased for her bed at a discount store before we realized her bed was a full size!) to a hula hoop, tented it with the pillow case, and added felt embellishments such as leaves, forest critters, and a little gnome girl. I had started to make David the Gnome, whom she loves, but decided to make it a girl—with glasses like my daughter—instead.

Tonight we hanged the tent from the living room ceiling, then stocked the inside with her presents and surrounded it with balloons. I can’t wait until she wakes up and sees it in the morning! For some reason I am extremely emotional about this big seventh birthday—though she’ll always be MY baby, she’s just not a baby anymore—so I’m also hoping to jump off her own joy with my own.

For a super easy tutorial to use in creating your own tent, click here.  For ideas for forest creature embellishments, click here.