September 11: A day of remembrance

September 11: A day of remembrance

In memory of those who lost their lives 11 years ago.

Today is September 11, 2012. The politicians battling to win the presidential election of this year have pulled all political ads and taken a day off in memory of the victims of the world trade tower attacks.Academia

Even as you are at work today, striving to support your family and make your kids life better than your own, many of our teachers and professors are using this occasion to teach them something most of you don’t endorse. Many of them are telling the students that America was to blame for the attack because of our selfishness, foreign policy and evil society. They will give your kids classroom projects designed to cast the Muslim attackers as having just cause to make their plight known by attacking America. Ask your kids when you arrive home tonight just what they were taught today in their classroom.


The talk shows and newscasts continue today and the talking heads are not observing the cease-fire. They continue to take shots at George Bush and Dick Cheney as the architects of an unjust war. The Liberals still maintain that President Bush lied and maneuvered the country into an unnecessary war. Everyone has a pet theory on this subject and everyone is equally ignorant of how to solve it. My pet theory is brilliant in its simplicity. America was kicked in the face by a bully and immediately took aim and struck back. Everyone who has been bullied knows if you don’t hit back harder, that same bully will be waiting for you each and every day after school. By striking back we demonstrated to every killer terrorist in the world that if you hit us we’ll kill you. Had we not, the last 11 years would have seen our country bloodied by attack after attack. Pacifist Liberals don’t understand this; why should they, they won’t fight because they depend on other real-life heroes protect them.

The Common Citizen

This is the real mind-bender. My gut says anyone under 30 years of age doesn’t have any feel for this tragedy because they were too young for it to register. They also are too buried in their iPhones and keeping up with texting, ball game stats and scores to give it much thought. Those over 30 years of age still remember the attack and their feelings are based on whether they are conservatives or liberals. Regardless, the country’s demographics are currently so diverse that they resemble the bar scene in Star Wars or at best a college frat party.

My Thoughts

Many issues are approaching the ignition point. They include the United States economy, global economy, Iran’s nuclear program and the wars in the Middle East. It won’t be long before we know how all of these issues will come to fruition and the effects they will have on our way of life.