Strange gifts from around the world

Strange gifts from around the world



Maybe you’d like to give something more unique this holiday season? Here’s a list of some of the weirdest, and offensive, toys from around the world. 

Erwin the Little Patient:

If your kids are bored with the whimsical anatomical parts found in the toy Operation and want something a little more realistic, buy them the Erwin doll from Germany. He seems to be half monkey and half Dr. Seussesque but he’s an excellent cadaver model. His torso flaps open to reveal anatomical plush heart, lungs, and large intestine that can be removed and reinserted however the child finds appropriate. 


Plumber Action Figure:

This is GI Joe after he returned from battle and faced the harsh realities of life away from war, trying to support his wife and kids. I’m pretty sure this is also the toy that best represents Sarah Palin’s “Joe-six-pack”. He’s a plastic male character equipped with a monkey wrench, tool belt, and you guessed it... porcelain toilet. Nothing says “go out there and achieve your dreams kid” like this action figure. 


Beanie Babies? No I want micro babies!

The U.K. has introduced a new line of plush characters portraying giant microbes. These disease bearing creations come in a variety of shapes from blobby flesh eating virus to long and lanky tape worm. A great educational toy that will make your kids think twice before touching the next door nob or eating that batch of raw cookie dough.


Titanic Slide:

Did you ever watch that scene in Titanic when half of the ship was sticking vertically out of the water and people were sliding down its deck into the frigid Atlantic waters? Did you ever think to yourself, wow that ride looks like fun? Well if so, you and your kids can experience it together. China has created a 33 foot high inflatable slide depicting this exact moment. Climb your way to the top of the vessel and slide down into its bouncy blue waters and live to tell about it. Quite the tasteless toy. Some versions even include an inflatable iceberg.