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Give the Gift of Topaz to Moms with a December Birthday

Blue topaz is the official birthstone of December and is regarded by those in astrological circles as a talisman for the month's astrological sign of Sagittarius. Mother's who love jewelry will delight in receiving a gift of a topaz bracelet, necklace or ring. I have always found it interesting that gemstones come in many colors and while topaz has many shades, blue is the only one assigned to December. Yellow topaz is the birthstone used for the month of November.

Miners mine for topaz in countries including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia and Pakistan. The gemstone has a hardness of 8 on the ranking scale known as Mohs Scale. This means that topaz is a hardy gem that can withstand a certain amount of pressure applied against it. Other than blue and yellow, topaz shades include red, orange, pink, gold, brown and clear. Topaz translates to mean fire in Sanskrit.


Topaz has different meanings associated it with the gem that were handed down through the centuries by civilizations including the Egyptians, people of the Middle Ages and the Greeks. The Greeks believed that the gem could grant an individual invisibility and additional strength. The Romans thought that topaz could improve a person's eyesight and the Egyptians donned amulets made with the gem for the purposes of receiving divine protection.


I suggest giving the gift of topaz to moms who are interested in the metaphysics, for someone who enjoys collecting gemstones and for those who keep up with the historical significance relating to the gem.