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Pattern Spotlight: Spode's "Isabella"

I love fine china. I blame my grandmother. She loved to entertain and had nine complete sets of fine china when she passed away. Every piece, service for 12, the works. She also had four compete sets of sterling silver flatware each in their own lovely hardwood box. Yes, four, even the serving pieces. She had a slight addiction to collecting fine china, as do I. Most people have their wedding china and then stop there. No need to augment their collection or add another design. Not me. Can’t help myself. Pity my grandchildren.

So, I will be sharing my favorite pieces, patterns and companies on this blog as well as care and storage tips. Starting, where else, but Spode. They have been around since 1770. Yes, 1770. Now that’s some expertise.  

Spode has many, many lovely patterns, both current and retired; one of my personal favorites is “Isabella”. Now, I may be a little biased as my oldest daughter goes by that name, but it is truly a lovely pattern. The 9” side plate, pictured above, is made of bone chine and features amazingly vibrant pink peonies and other flowers ringing the entire outer edge of the plate. It is feminine, but somehow not overkill due to the darker tones and white ground. I would probably pair it with plain dinner plates in a solid white to let the “Isabella” pattern stand out on its own to be admired.

A unique little fact about this design, the backstory of it, is that the design of the flowers was stumbled upon in an old Spode archive and this once lost design has been rediscovered and revived. Pretty cool story. It almost never saw the light of day or my filet mignon.