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Smitten With Saucers


I registered for these amazingly gorgeous saucer champagne glasses for our wedding. I received all 12; they had a simple platinum scroll detail along the lip of the glass that I just loved. Truth be told, I ordered them simply because I had never seen a saucer champagne glass before and I was in love. Deeply. Smitten.

This particular style of glass is called a saucer or a coupe. A saucer is the term I prefer. These glasses are also called a coupe, but I cannot get the Beach Boys song, “Little Deuce Coupe” outta my head once I read that. (you don’t know what I like, don’t know what I like).  Apparently, way back when, saucers were the glass of choice, but it was discovered that the open mouth of the glass let the bubbles escape too fast, ruining the product. Connoisseurs turned to the champagne flute and forgot about the lovely details of a fine crystal champagne saucer.

Which brings me to the whole point of this story, years later I was disappointed to realize that one of my saucers had broken after years of storage. I was even more devastated to know that the pattern was now discontinued. A friend told me about and I was hooked. They have literally every pattern and style known to modern man. If you lost the all-important serving for grandma’s roast, they should have it. If you accidently broke your Aunt Lil’s prized gravy boat, they’ve got that, too. Thanks goodness