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Anniversary Gift Ideas for the First Year

"Lots of things are made of paper."

Traditionally, the first anniversary gift that you are to give to your spouse is an item that is composed of paper.  At first thought, you might get the impression that the only gifts that you are able to present to your spouse are writing journals or stationary items.  Although there is nothing wrong with giving such items, you should try not to limit yourself to those options only.

Lots of things are made of paper.  Tickets to a football game, tickets to the opera, or tickets to the movie theatre can all count as paper gifts.  Plus they are all gifts that can be entertaining for both you and your spouse.

Another entertaining anniversary present that you can give to your spouse is a book that is full of activities for the both of you to do together.  To make the book truly special for your spouse, make sure that you do not just hand the book to your spouse, and then leave it at that.  Spend a little bit of time each day to actually go through the entire book with your significant other.

If you really want to make your better half feel like a million bucks, then you should consider buying a book that contains a bunch of coupons for your spouse to use.  No, I am not talking about the coupons that you can use to get discounts at the grocery stores.  I am talking about the coupons that your significant other can redeem for special treatments from you.  Some common coupons for such a book include coupons for free massages and coupons for candlelight dinners.