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An Adorable and Useful Gift

Whether you know someone who is getting married, having a baby, or even spending Valentine's Day alone this year Penzeys Spices make a really unique gift! Haven't heard of the company? Check out some of the packages they put together on their web site.  I am lucky enough to have one in driving distance.  The nice thing about spices, is they hardly ever go bad, and you can use them for a long long time! For Christmas I got a package called "The Kind Heart" it was adorable and all the recipe cards inside look almost like Monopoly cards. (Added charm)

The flavorings and the fact that some were even salt free were what really turned me on to the company. Here are some of the great combinations I have come across:

Mahlab-the pit of a sour cherry, it is a sweet/sour, nutty addition to breads, cookies and biscuits (If you have ever made cherry cheese bread this would make a great addition!)

Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle -garlic-cheese blend for pasta and garlic bread (is your mouth watering yet?)

Cinnamon Spices (there are at least 5-10 for baking and each one is to die for, don't forget your morning cinnamon toast either!)

Greek Seasoning, and Green Goddess (Time to make your own dressings)

I could list my favorites forever, but here are the facts. Gift boxes range from $12-$120. They are packaged beautifully, and are a nice touch. Instead of the spice rack, give the actual spices, and I guarantee your thank you will be sincere! There is just something magical about adding the right blend to a warm dish. I love reading the labels and ingredients as well, they are so creative. (Chocolate and lemon, now that is exciting!)