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Miniature Party Dinnerware

Tasting Party

Make your party – whether it is a bridal shower, holiday party or a game day snack – an elegant affair that leaves your guests buzzing about the array of delicious small-serving treats of salads, soups, entrees, and desserts.

The key to being able to bring this type of party off in a spectacular fashion is the specialty party-ware. A number of manufacturers now provide an entire selection of party-ware tasting dishes. These dishes are miniature versions of cups, plates, shot glasses for puddings and shortcakes, one-serving spoons for a delicious square of cheesecake, cordial and parfait glasses. Just as importantly glass serving dishes – on pedestals – are available in graduated sizes. Simply stack the three sizes on top of each other for beautiful tiered platforms. Load the platforms with small coffee cups of crème brule, miniature cordials of strawberry shortcake and small shot glasses of dark rich chocolate pudding draped with whipped cream and topped by a long-stemmed cherry soaked in brandy. There are glass and ceramic serving trays available with indentations to fit the base of the small party-ware.

The jaw-dropping presentation afforded by the specialty party-ware is made even more impactful when the host offers the guests a variety of visually stunning party foods. The beauty of serving these foods in two-bite dishes is that:

  1. A variety of foods of different colors, textures shapes and consistencies are displayed and served.
  2. Each two-bite serving container is decorated individually maintaining the appeal of the food even after many guests have served themselves.
  3. The food is prepared, dished up and decorated as it is needed. When the correct tools and implements are available it is simple to decorate a number of two-bite servings with a pre-selected décor scheme.
  4. The miniature specialty party-ware works well for cold entrees such as shrimp cocktail as well as embrace hot foods including casseroles, cobblers and baked appetizers.

 Bon Appetit!