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4 Themed Birthday Gifts For February

Do you have a friend or family member whose birthday happens to fall in the month of February? Are the a Valentine’s baby? Do they share their special day with President Washington (February 22) or with President Lincoln (February 11)? Here are some birthday gifts for those celebrating in the month of February.

1.    Hearts: There are so many different hearts on the market in February. Why not give a gift twice? Once to your friend or loved one, and once to charity? You can give these gorgeous heart rocks that are hand-carved in Haiti and the proceeds will help earthquake survivors re-build their country. Plus, you know you will be the only one giving a rock at the party.

2.    Presidential Memorabilia: A quick search of eBay may be the trick for this birthday present. Look for anything dated prior to 1971, the year the U.S. changed around a few national holidays and started celebrating President’s Day (the third Monday in February) in memory and honor of all the presidents.

3.    Books: Check out your local bookstore or head over to Amazon. There is a plethora of books on the subject of Valentine’s Day lore, biographies on President Washington and even collections of stories about the dream President Lincoln had days before his assassination. Interesting stuff.   

4.    Anything Red: Red works for Valentine’s Day, but it also represents the American Heart Association. February, National Heart month, would be a great time to give a donation to honor the Birthday Girl or Boy, in lieu of a gift.