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Top 5 Birthday Gifts For Toddlers Girls

Toddler girls really are easy to buy for. It may seem daunting, but they are an easy to please group of gift receivers, unlike my mother in law. I always avoid the brand name commercialized products. For one, you do not know which ones they have and do not have. And, secondly, many parents do not believe in commercial products, like Disney, Barbie and other cartoon characters (me, included). If you aren’t sure, it’s easier to skip it altogether. So, without further ado,

1.   Crayons, crayons and more crayons. Toddlers, girl or boy, are rough on crayons and are always in need of fresh replacements. You can also try twistables; they have a plastic case so they can twist up like a mechanical pencil and are tough to break.

2.   Stickers. You could actually make a strong argument about stickers solving world peace … ok, maybe just inter-sibling rivalry.

3.   Skip the coloring books. They are too expensive and plan paper works just as well. In fact, my toddler girls prefer plain, old copy paper to coloring books. They like the freedom to draw a picture rather than stay between the lines.

4.   Craft supplies are always a big hit, too. If you see gluesticks on sale with the school supplies in the late fall, snag them up fast. A toddler can blow through a glue stick in less than an hour in a bust afternoon of crafting.   

5.   Nail polish is also a big deal for girls from about age three and on. Get mom’s approval first; some families do not approve of it yet.