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Winter Birthday Party Ideas

With my daughter’s birthday being in the fall, we consider ourselves quite fortunate, since it’s not too hot but not freezing yet, and we can usually do activities both indoors and outdoors. In fact, for the past three years, we have had perfect weather during her celebration, which we were very grateful for.

But it could have been very different, had she been born on time; her actual due date was January 26, which would have put her birthday right in the middle of winter. Winter has been even more unpredictable—and warm—in the Midwest over the past couple of years; the white Christmases and winter break sled rides of my youth are hard to recall. But this is the time of year when it normally does start getting really cold, with lots of snow and ice. If you are having a birthday celebration in these conditions, here are a few ways in which you might want to celebrate…

  • Ice skating. It’s the perfect time of year for it, and many children have never been, making it an even more exciting activity.
  • In-line skating. This might be cheaper and safer for younger kiddos.
  • Have a talent show. Ask each parent to have his or her child ready to participate with a unique talent. You could also do a fashion show, children’s magic show, lip-synch, or karaoke party indoors.
  • Arts and crafts party. Get out your glue, scissors, foam, cardboard, and whatever else you have and let the kids go at it! Plan a couple of crafts to inspire if needed, or just let them be imaginative on their own.
  • Indoor swimming party. Check with your local Y or recreation center to see if you can book one of these. You could also do a lock-in for older children.
  • Music party. Ask each participant to bring some favorite music to share. Provide instruments—you could even make homemade shakers from plastic eggs filled with lentils—to play along. You could have an older sibling make copies for everyone during the party so they could each take home a “soundtrack” as their souvenir.
  • Indoor entertainment. If you are stuck indoors and you have the means, you could always hire some entertainment—such as a magic show or clown, an animal show, or other professional service. You can search for services in your area at Go City Kids.
  • Cooking party. Have all of the kids help out with a simple recipe, or book a party at your local cooking school or grocery store if they offer a program for children.