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Hands-on Toys from the 1990's

Easy Bake, Doodle Bear and Creepy Crawlers.

I was a hands-on kid. Every Christmas afternoon, I'd spend my time cooking, crafting, constructing or molding one of my new presents. There were plenty of options. From machines that would cook mini chocolate cakes to gadgets that would spit out plastic bugs, the '90s were a primo decade for crafty kids. Let's take a look at some of the best hands-on, crafty gadgets from the '90s:

Doodle Bear. The Doodle Bear came with a bunch of markers with which you could draw on the bear. The original looked like faux jean stitched together with a bunch of pink thread. This bear was fun for a while, but really pretty useless. I drew on mine with a regular marker and that didn't come off in the wash, so I had a permanent reminder of my idiocy until the next fad came along. What a bummer.

Creepy Crawlers. Creepy Crawlers were originally created in the 1960's,  but were revived for a new generation in 1992. This time around, the electrical heating device used to heat the plastic was replaced with a light-bulb powered heater that was safter for children. Children could make a variety of different molds, such as "Creeple Peeple," and "Mini-Dragons" and could buy a number of different goopy packs in colors like metallic, color change and stretch.

Easy Bake Oven. The Easy Bake Oven uses a similar heating mechanism as the Creepy Crawlers kit, but this time, you're making cakes and cookies, instead. Originally produced in the 1960's and pretty obviously chauvinistic, but every little girl I knew in the '90s had one. They weren't too complicated--you just mixed all the white packages with water, popped them in metal tins, and then frosted them after they came out of the oven. At least most of us didn't feed our cakes or cookies to our fantasy husbands.

Doctor Dreadful. Doctor Dreadful was a kit in which you could make disgusting concoctions--that tasted like Jell-O, mostly--and then eat them. I had the original Monster Food Lab where you could cook up pink, bubbling brains in a yellow plastic skeleton, make monster skins and eat them off of a plastic skeleton arm, and grow gummy tarntualas and flies in a plastic mold. This was pretty disgusting, and I now find it weird that I had an interest in housing this creepy crawler kit next to my Easy Bake Oven.  

Were you a crafty kid? What were your favorite hands-on toys?