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Tween Plush

Britto's Fun Plush Prints

Our tween-aged daughter has declared that her room is no longer appropriate for entertaining. As part of her metamorphosis, the plush toys from her elementary school days have been banished to a bin in her closet. Yet part of her yearns to keep a connection with her younger self and she remains attracted to plush toys. Especially monkeys and butterflies. 


Artist Romero Britto to the rescue! 

The bright colors and trendy shapes of his new plush line are a perfect fit for her. She can decorate her bed with bright, happy butterflies and peace symbols that are fully in keeping with her middle-school aesthetic and she is saved from having to sacrifice her love of plush. Fortunately, these pillows and friendly animals are well-made and remain fun to look at even after months of pre-adolescent angst. Britto's artistic vision is one of hope and bettering the world, and his bright, hopeful work contributes to our daughter's optimistic vision of the future.


In addition to the quality, I especially like the lack of an internet tie-in. So many of the toys aimed at children in the 10 to 12 year-old range feature an on-line component that may parents despair of avoiding it. A friend of hers recently admitted to having an on-line "boyfriend" and my blood ran cold. After calmly explaining why this is a dangerous idea, and thanking her for confiding in me, I redoubled my resolve to keep the internet out of my tween's private spaces and I bought her a colorful Britto flower to go with her butterfly.