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How to Ditch The Pacifier For Good

So. You and your spouse have banded together to help your child kick the pacifier habit. You have sworn an unbreakable oath to not give in. No. Matter. What.

Well, good for you. It takes a huge commitment. There are many times when it is tempting to just grab one and stick it in there, especially in the midst of a 2 hour tantrum. You have to have some kind of reward planned. A weekend away at a spa resort …  Oh wait, that’s for me. For Junior, you have to pick something that appears to be better than a pacifier. It has to be GOOD. And, no, it is not bribery if you plan for it in advance. Here are 4 tips on how to ditch the pacifier for good.

1.    For little girls, unless you are morally opposed to it, you can get their ears pierced. Heck, tell them you don’t have enough money and, if they want the job done, they have to “pay” for it with their last remaining pacifier.

2.    Some moms have had their child help them pack up and ship off their pacifier stash to Santa. Once there, the elves sterilize them and give them to good little babies who don‘t have pacis.

3.    If you are more the rip-the-band-aid-off-quickly type of parent, you can snip all the tips off and let the kiddo go cold turkey. Once the tip is gone, the sucking action no longer works to their satisfaction.

4.    Just like smoking, don’t quit quitting. My oldest got very ill in the middle of our first attempt. I just instantly caved because she was so miserable. It was just a pacifier anyway.