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Baby Trends for 2012

Expecting a 2012 baby? Here are some of the latest trends in gear.

Each year it seems certain things are in and certain things are out when it comes to preparing for baby. This year is no different. In 2012, moms-to-be will notice some very specific trends in their options for welcoming their little ones.


Pass the Blush


Moms with girls are turning to a blush hue instead of the pastel pink of yesterday. This gives a trendy look to the nursery without overlooking the girly side of things. Cutesy animals are out as well, with floral and modern patterns in. this is not surprising, of course, since nurseries are more for the parents than the babies anyways.


No More Bumpers


Bumpers have been a proven SIDS risk for a while, and now, moms are starting to catch on, as are product manufacturers. Many moms were using their bumpers because, after all, they had purchased them as part of the bedding set. Now, manufacturers are giving moms the option to buy items separately, so they can opt not to buy the bumper, not to mention the quilt the baby never uses. Some trendy designers are adding lining around the bottom of the crib sheet to mimic the look of a bumper without the risk.

European Designs


Another trend for 2012 is European designs in baby gear. Sleek, curvy designs from European designers are making their way into baby stores and nurseries this year. these designs seem to embrace curves and eliminate wasted space, with minimalist looks that fit in well with the modern style. The minimal design also makes it possible for these products to be more lightweight than their counterparts.


So what do you think? Will you be embracing these new trends, or are you a bit more of a traditional mommy?