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Making Special Items for Babies

Babies are so fun for everyone.  Well, maybe not the parents when they haven’t been able to get a full night’s sleep for a few months.  For many crafters, there is nothing more fun than creating little baby items for to be worn by these cute little humans.  If you are thinking about creating baby items for the new person in the family or even for donations or selling, there are a few things that you will want to consider.

Yarn – There are many kinds of yarn out there and you can spend a lot of money on them.  But for a baby, it is a good idea to find a nice, soft acrylic yarn.  While you may not be a fan of acrylic as a crafter, you need to remember that the baby is likely to pee, puke and do a variety of other things to the item and it needs to be durable and easy for the parents to care for.  Acrylic truly is a good product for this type of use.

Project – You can find a wide variety of different projects to make for babies.  Some of the more popular items are booties, hats and blankets.  Whatever you make is up to you.  If you are looking to donate them to a local hospital, you may want to check with them if they have preferences.  While this may limit your creativity, at least then you know that they will be used and given away, which is the idea.