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Baby Gear Items You Simply Do Not Need

Before you buy the latest and greatest item for your baby, make sure it's something you need.

Gearing up for a new baby is literally that – gearing up. You have to buy item after item to ensure you have everything you need for that little one’s arrival. While much of the gear, like the car seat and crib or co-sleeper, are vital, there are some items that seem important that you simply do not need. Save yourself a little time and money by avoiding these purchases.

Wipes Warmer


The wipes warmer is a nice little idea, letting you put warm baby wipes on baby’s bum instead of ice cold ones, but in reality it is not necessary. Your baby won’t mind room temperature wipes, and you can warm them in the palm of your hand. The warmers can even cause you to lose some of the wipes, as the last ones in the package tend to get a little dried out.


Baby Shoes


Sure, you will want a pair for cute pictures, but baby shoes are pretty pointless. After all, babies typically just kick them off, so you are left searching for a missing shoe time and time again. Not only that, but babies who are crawling actually do better without shoes, so wait until they start toddling to invest in shoes.


Bottle Sterilizers


Yes, you want your baby to have sterile feeding supplies, but if you choose to bottle feed, the dishwasher or good old hot water do the trick just fine. If you are going to nurse, then you will not need this at all. Save a few bucks and invest in a pump or a few more bottles.


Baby Monitors


Some parents are going to need baby monitors, but this is a case where you need to think before you buy. If you have a single-level house, you are not going to need one. You will know if baby is crying. Even if you have a dual level house, you may not need the fancy video monitor. A simple radio one will give you the ability to listen to your baby.


Remember, babies are expensive. Anywhere that you can save a little money is a good option, so think before you purchase the big items for your newborn. You can always purchase it later if you decide it is needed.