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February: Safely Surrendered Baby Awareness Month

For some mom, Safely Surrendered Baby laws provide a much-needed option.

As a devoted mom myself, I could never imagine a situation where I would want to surrender my newborn, but I do believe there are times when it feels like the only responsible action to take. February has been deemed “Safely Surrendered Baby Awareness Month,” and advocates of the Safely Surrendered Baby law are determined to make sure that the word gets out about this law, so stressed pregnant women know they have options.


The goal of this law was to give women options to safely surrender their newborns rater than abandoning them to die. Under the law, women can surrender their newborn within 72 hours of birth at a hospital emergency room, fire station, or similar location, and no questions will be asked and the baby will be taken care of.

Not all states have these laws, but those that do have safeguards in place to ensure that these moms are not pressured into giving up their babies and have the option to change their minds. For instance, they may give the mom an item to identify herself as the mother of the child, and then give her a period of time in which she can change her mind. Once that period of time passes, the baby can be adopted by waiting parents.


So with this awareness month in front of us, I would like to encourage you to find out what the laws in your state or city are. If you are feeling like you cannot face the responsibility of parenthood or your situation is so desperate that your baby has no hope, you may have a safe way of giving up that baby without question or shame. This is always a better option than abandonment, because it gives your baby the best shot at a happy, healthy life.