The Worst Housewarming Party Ever

The Worst Housewarming Party Ever

Lesson Plan to Avoid a Bad Housewarming Party


My girlfriend and I attended a housewarming party for her best friend. The party was insultingly bad. I understand that getting the house in order is generally a work in progress when the housewarming party is held, but this was way beyond acceptable.

I have reasons to be as upset as I was and it didn’t help that my girlfriend defended her best friend. The purpose of the housewarming to welcome my girl’s best friend and her fiancé into a house he had managed to purchase. They were moving into it immediately.

I was unhappy from the start because my girlfriend wanted to go all out and really contribute meaningfully to the new home. In other words, she wanted to give them a large expensive television as a housewarming present. This represented a lot of hard-earned money and I wasn’t very sure the couple would stay together for the long haul. Nonetheless, I bought the television.

The following account details the problems with the housewarming party, and should serve as a lesson in how not to conduct a housewarming:

  1. The yard was not in when we walked up to the house. I understand this, but I didn’t understand why the yard was full of cans and bottles, and pieces of tarpaper and aluminum flashing. I thought some time and energy should have been put in to clean it up.
  2. I was experiencing doubt when we walked into the house, but was floored by what I found once we entered. The walls in some rooms were unpainted and electrical outlets were hanging out of the holes in the walls.
  3. Amazingly, the electrical deposit had not yet been paid and there was no electricity.
  4. Most rooms were full of unpacked boxes with clothes on hangers draped over them.
  5. The bedroom had a mattress on the floor since they had already moved in and were sleeping there.
  6. The kitchen was a real mess and littered with dirty take-out boxes.
  7. A litter box—which had not been emptied lately—was in the kitchen by the door and at least one cat was on the loose.
  8. Refreshments consisted of take-out chicken, open Styrofoam containers of coleslaw and potato salad along with cut-open packages of cookies. In other words everything was an afterthought with no regard for the guests.
  9. The host and hostess had no idea what their plans were for the various rooms and I suspected nothing much would be done to improve them.

My girlfriend said her best friend and her finance were head-over-heels in love and couldn’t keep their hands off each other, leaving no time to plan for the party. She thought it was cute; the television cost almost $500 and she paid approximately $75 dollars of it with me paying the remainder. I didn’t think it was cute.

My gripe is that I believe that as a guest—who was giving an expensive gift—I deserved more time, effort and thoughtful planning than I received. I feel disrespected and cheated by the inconsiderate and rude behavior of the couple who held the housewarming party.

To add insult to injury, we barely got a “thank you”, much less a card in the mail.

I am still steamed about my girl’s defense of her friend and it remains a very sore point between us.