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Romantic Anniversary Idea: Snow Date


With all the snow that's fallen in some spots during this past week and more on tap for this weekend, I came up with the idea for an anniversary snow date. Head to your nearest snowy hill or flat piece of land for a few hours of fun. Warm up with drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea or a mixed alcoholic beverage that you both enjoy. Revel in feeling like a romantic teenager again once your back inside your warm house. This date is the perfect solution to combating holiday stress and tight finances.

I know that there's something about the snow that, when I make the decision to play in it, I have a lot of fun. It's equally entertaining when my husband I and get into it and start tossing snow balls at each other while on vacation to a colder destination other than the southeast. I have always managed to have a blast unless a sharp wind blows the cold around. (Probably best to stay inside on a day like that and sip from a mug of hot chocolate by the fire.)


Plan your anniversary date around what you have available such as a sled, inner tub or items to stick on a snowman. Build you and your honey's snowman on a flat surface. Find a sizable but not too tall hill to sled or inner tube down. End your date with a playful snowball fight and a few kisses before heading back inside to get warm by curling up together on the couch.