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Silverware | How Many Forks Are There?

Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you probably didn’t know there were more than two forks. Let’s face it, we all know that there is a dinner fork and a salad fork. One meal at a sit down restaurant with a waitress will show you that. But, how many more are there? One? Two? More?

Well, I should preface this by saying that some of these are obsolete and rarely used. I mean, some you may never have heard of before this and may never hear from again. But, to answer the question, there are 13 forks. I know, crazy. Thirteen!

In between the common dinner fork and it’s slightly smaller cousin, the salad fork, is the lunch fork. It seems unnecessary to have a fork in between those two in size, but there is.

There are also several forks for seafood. A fish fork is similar in size to a lunch fork but the tines are closer together and it is shaped more like a spatula to scoop flakier fish dishes. A seafood fork looks more like the trident of King Neptune. A lobster fork is completely different, resembling more of a giant toothpick to get into the tiny crevices and pick out the meat. Likewise, snails and oysters also have forks dedicated to them. They are smaller in size and designed to help us eat them more efficiently.

Special forks are also designed for the sweeter desserts as well. Dessert forks and pastry forks have special edges for cutting thicker pie crusts and such. Ice cream forks are flatter and more spatula-shaped, although there is great debate on who would want to use a fork for their ice cream.  And, finally, number 12 and 13 on the list, both the strawberry fork and the fruit fork are narrower fork with closer placed tines.

There you have it. Impress your friends with your knowledge of forks.