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Top Books for Boys

Boys don’t like to read. Apparently, around the same time that girls drift way from liking math and science, boys drift away from liking reading. There are programs everywhere you turn preaching girl power and getting those that prefer pink back into math. Where are the ones to bring the boys back around?

You can help. If you have a boy on your birthday present list, try buying a book. Not just any book, mind you, a really good one that he will love. Think you know what to buy? Convinced that “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” or some other classic will hold their interest longer than a nanosecond? No. Sad to say, it won’t.

You are competing with video games and FaceBook and the latest and greatest cell phone. It’s tough!  Though controversial with some due to content (boogers, underwear and other gross stuff), the books below are quite popular with boys who claim they do not like to read:

1.    The Adventures of Captain Underpants. Yes, he is a super hero in his underpants. Yes, for some unknown reason boys find that funny. Who cares if it isn’t to us. We just want them to read, right?!

2.    The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Believe it or not, kids actually line up at the bookstore for this one when there is a new release date. They want to be the first one in their class to read it. Imagine that, showing off by … gasp … reading!

3.    The Magic Treehouse. This is a series of 153 books (ok, not that many …  yet). Two children have great adventures with the help of a time-traveling treehouse. Cool.