Potty Training | By the Book or Winging It

Potty Training | By the Book or Winging It


Potty Training Books.

If you haven’t gone through potty training yet, the idea may be daunting. I know my first actually cried when I sweetly and innocently suggested if she would like to try the “practice potty”. She actually said the words, “Mommy, don’t you love me anymore?”

My heart just about broke in two. I spent days, weeks over-analyzing how I said that. Was I too forceful, too demanding? Was I giving her a complex? Was it just too soon? She was eventually potty-trained and her sister, 11 months her junior, followed a few weeks later.

Now, I am on daughter #3 and the stress level is way down. Meh. She’ll learn eventually. I do want to cut out that $20 a week diaper habit, that money would be much better spent at Starbucks.


I saw this awesome book at the library and picked it up just to have something new to read to her. Turns out the kid loves this book like crazy and cannot wait to sit in the potty, like Ducky, the main character. Who knew a visual aid would help.

What is this magic book? “No More Diapers for Ducky”

She seems fascinated by the fact that Ducky wears a diaper just like her and, then, in the middle of the story actually removes it to go….get this… to the potty! She is just blown away by this thought. I keep reading and re-reading this book and hoping that each page gets me one step closer to my Venti Chai Latte with Soy.