Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

If you want to give her a truly unique, personal gift, you have to start early.

While Mother's Day is still almost two months away, some of the finer, more personalized gifts take a little time to order and come in. If you're thinking about getting something extra special that will take some time, now is a good time to look into your options.

There are several directions you can go for personalized Mother's Day gifts. One popular choice is mother's jewelry. Often these personalized pieces are pendants or rings that have the birthstones of children and grandchildren added. Some even allow space for engravings of names, dates or short messages. Most moms secretly wish for a mother's ring or necklace. They're personal and beautiful pieces that symbolize her legacy of love. You just can't go wrong.

Another personalized option is turning a favorite photographs of her children or grandchildren into a blanket, mug or wall-hanging. There are many stores online as well as popular photo processing centers that offer a large variety of personalized photo products, but the finished product does take some time to come back.

If you're looking for something really unique, you can have an artist paint a portrait from a favorite picture. If you're interested in this option, call around to local art supply stores. Shopkeepers see local artists on a regular basis and can put you in touch with someone who can paint your portrait professionally. Ordering it early is essential, because you'll need to have the portrait framed by another vendor, which will take some additional time.

Ordering personalized Mother's Day gifts early gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best deal, order what you think she'll really love and have time for it to be processed and sent back to you. If you wait to long, the order might not come in on time or there might be something wrong with it when it arrives. Allow yourself ample time to have the gift get back to you and with enough time to send it back if there are flaws.