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How to Travel Happy with Baby

I have felt the holiday rush this past week as my husband, baby and I have stepped in and out of multiple stores in order to cross of our Christmas gift list. We haven't traveled away from home for the holidays yet but we will on Christmas. I find myself wondering how everything will go smoothly with the heavier than normal foot and road traffic I've been seeing increase over the past couple of weeks. I decided to do some research and create my own plan to help prepare us for the upcoming two hour trek out of town.


Start packing as far ahead of time as you can to save youself the stress of realizing that you have to warm a bottle two minutes before you were going to walk out the door. Give yourself an extra half hour to an hour of packing time when it comes to taking trips outside the house with baby. Pack more baby wipes, diapers and other baby necessities than you think you'll need. Throw in extra pacifiers if you give them to your baby for soothing purposes. My husband and I left the house today without one and it wasn't pretty. Our 8-month old informed us of how unhappy she was the whole ride back from shopping.

Bring a few of your baby's favorite toys to keep him or her occupied during the trip. This one has been a lifesaver to me when we're out and about.


Keep a supply of sanitizer for the purpose of disinfecting anything that your baby may decide she wants to chew on which, from what I've seen, can be anything from the grocery cart to a new toy that hasn't yet made it to the checkout counter.


Visualize the place you'll stay at and make note of what the potential hazards that can cause potential harm to your baby. The website, Babble, recommends in an article titled “Stree-Free Family Vacations” bringing along a what's called Bonsai training wire to block off areas where you don't want your little one crawling around in.


Implementing all or just one of these steps will help you and your family stay safe, have fun and experience lower levels of stress during your holiday outings, whether they're to the store or to your brother's house located 300 miles away.