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December Birthday Gift Do's and Don'ts


My husband has a December birthday and one night, after a few glasses of wine, I heard all the reasons why he hated being born during the same month that everyone celebrates Christmas. He feels that he always got short changed for gifts and birthday parties because of the date he was born. After hearing about his complaint, I started plotting how to find the perfect gift for him and how I could manage to get everyone together to celebrate his birthday. We ended up over at Cheesecake Factory, something he had never done, and he wound up having an awesome time.

Start your planning one to two months before the actual date arrives. This will give you plenty of time to send out invitations if your throwing a party. By the time the birthday guy or gal thinks that no one will show up, you'll have everyone already RSVP'd for the event.


Find a gift that doesn't have anything to do with Christmas or else suffer the consequence of the silent treatment. I'm not saying it will go that far if you get a holiday oriented gift, but the possibility is there. Those like my husband with December birthdays don't want a reminder that they might get short changed on the gift because of the holiday season. Plus, finding a gift you know he will love earns you further points because you took time away from other holiday commitments.


Avoid wrapping his present using holiday gift wrap. Use every color but red, green and gold and he will know that you went the extra mile to make her birthday one to remember.


Avoid giving a gift that makes reference to the month such as birthstone or astrological sign unless you know the person who will receive the gift really likes receiving jewelry with her birthstone on it