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Inducing Early Could Increase Health Risks

Even just two weeks of prematurity can lead to lifelong health problems.

When a woman nears the end of her pregnancy, she often wants to be done at all costs. The last few weeks of pregnancy are exhausting and uncomfortable, there is no denying, and that helps motivate her to want to go through with labor and all that this entails. Some even push their doctors to induce early so they can be done with the process, but recent studies have shown this to be a dangerous idea.

Researchers have discovered that even two to three weeks of prematurity greatly increased a baby’s chances of having lifelong health issues, including asthma. Prior to the release of these results, babies born at 37 or 38 weeks were considered “early term.” Yet, now researchers are finding that they are not as healthy as those born after 38 weeks.

Of course, these babies do have a greater chance of having a healthy life than those born prior to 37 weeks, so women who are having health concerns should not hesitate to deliver early to preserve their health and the health of their babies. That said, those who are having a healthy pregnancy should view this research before deciding to deliver early simply for convenience sake.

The early term babies, however, faced health risks that were far less serious than those faced by babies born prior to 37 weeks. These health concerns were rarely life threatening, while they were sometimes ongoing, which should help alleviate the fears of mothers who tend to deliver early naturally or who need to deliver early for health concerns.