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Baby Shower Planning Considerations

When planning a baby shower there are many different things that need to be done. The most important of these things is to select a location, decide the guest list and plan the food that will be served.

Before deciding on a location for a baby shower, the first thing that needs to be decided is how many people there are going to be invited. This is important to do first because you will want to have the baby shower at a location that can handle the number of guests. The first step in deciding who will be invited is to take into account the wishes of the mom-to-be. Does she want a small intimate gathering? Or, does she want one large party for family, friends, and co-workers? The next step is to decide where the baby shower should take place. If the baby shower is in the middle of winter or summer, it would be best for the party to take place somewhere indoors. Otherwise, if weather should permit, the baby shower can be held in an outdoor location.

Once a location and guest list has been decided, the invitations to the event can then be sent out. As you receive the RSVPs to the wedding, it is then possible to decide on what type of menu would be best for the event. One thing to take into consideration, when planning the menu, is what time the baby shower will be held. If the shower is being held in-between traditional meal times, the host can get away with serving some appetizers and light snacks. However, if the event is held at a traditional mealtime, food that is more substantial will be expected.